📜 Touch

Touch is an evolution of Markdown: it's familiar, extendable, and comes with auto-formatting.


Touch in three bullet points:

Here are some imporant Touch features:

Touch doesn't get in your way. Write without interruptions, write what you want to express and don't get bogged down with making it pretty. Then, add proper structure and style it using custom-created themes.
The language's simplicity and auto-formatting allow for easy collaboration. Write however you like to write and when you are ready to share, auto-format to create a document that's easily readable by anyone.
You don't need to configure Touch—just write, auto-format, and export. But, whether you are an individual or a team, Touch is easy to configure. And easy means easy—just pass Touch a configuration in which you define your own custom elements and templates for any export format.

You can see this page's source written in Touch and the config used.